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Organisations can use the GCSI to identify emerging and long-term trends in customer service.

About The Ghana Customer Service Index

The Ghana Customer Service Index (GCSI) is a national indicator and an independent, objective benchmark of customer satisfaction and evaluations of the quality of goods and services patronized by both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians living in Ghana.

The GCSI measures customer satisfaction, its causes and effects as well as implications, for 10 economic sectors namely Financial Institutions (banking), Insurance, Utilities, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Malls, Transport, Public Sector and Online Businesses. The index provides sound customer experience benchmarking capabilities that come from the index’s one-of-a-kind cross-industry structure.

The GCSI provides a unique way of tracking and comparing customer satisfaction performance across the Ghanaian economy. An organisation’s inclusion in the Index is unrelated to membership of The Institute of Customer Service Professionals.

The Ghana Customer Service Index is produced by the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) through a partnership with ACUSRI (Africa Customer Service Research Institute) a customer service research  consulting firm.


Our mission is to consistently and continuously give an objective view of the state of customer satisfaction in the Ghana.


Our vision is to be the most credibly recognized customer satisfaction evaluation, benchmarking and comparative mechanism in Africa.


How to use the GCSI

Organisations can use the GCSI to identify emerging and long-term trends in customer service. The GCSI highlights the characteristics and differentiators of the highest performing organisations as well as key areas for improvement.

The GCSI is not a competitive league table but as an independent benchmark and source of knowledge to complement and enhance the insight organisations have about their customers.

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